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    C-119 Fairchild Flying Boxcar Gamble Chalk 1

    Status: Date: Friday 7 November 1952 Time: ca 02:30 Type: Fairchild C-119C-22-FA Flying Boxcar Operator: United States Air Force – USAF Registration: 51-2560 C/n / msn: 10518 First flight: Engines: 2 Pratt & Whitney R-4360-20WA Crew: Fatalities: 5 / Occupants: 5 Passengers: Fatalities: 14 / Occupants: 14 Total: Fatalities: 19 / Occupants: 19 Aircraft damage: Damaged beyond repair Location: Mt. McKinley, AK (   United States of America) Phase: En route (ENR) Nature: Military  https://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=19521107-0 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Family’s closure rests on remote Alaskan glacier       Frank Blasi still remembers the last time he saw his brother, Daniel Blasi. Frank was at a neighbor’s farm in St. Leo, working during the harvest.…

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    Northrop F-89C Scorpion missing Nov 23, 1953

    KINROSS AFB MISSING F-89C – 23 NOV 1953 USAF REPORT OF AIRCRAFT ACCIDENT July 03, 1999 The 23 November 1953 “Kinross Case,” wherein a US Air Force F-89C jet fighter was scrambled from Kinross AFB Michigan on an “active air defense mission” to intercept an “unknown aircraft” and disappeared with two crew members aboard, is considered by many to be one of the “UFO classics.” Controversy remains over what the “unknown aircraft,” which was the target of the interception, was. USAF records presented here indicate that it was a Canadian aircraft. Canadian officials have denied that any of their aircraft was the target of an interception mission by the USAF…

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    Republic F-84D missing Nov 20,1950

    ate: 20-NOV-1950 Time: Type: Republic F-84D Thunderjet Owner/operator: 55th FBS, 20th FBW, USAF (55th FBS, 20th FBW, United States Air Force) Registration: 48-762 C/n / msn: Fatalities: Fatalities: 1 / Occupants: 1 Other fatalities: 0 Aircraft damage: Aircraft missing Location: English Channel, off the south coast of Kent –    United Kingdom Phase: En route Nature: Training Departure airport: RAF Manston, Kent (MSE/EGMH) Destination airport: Narrative: Crashed 20/11/1950: Went missing on a sortie from RAF Manston, Kent, and was never seen again. Presumed to have crashed into the English Channel off the south coast of Kent. Pilot (Billy G. Shoemaker) posted as KMIS (Killed/Missing In Sea).      

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    Douglas C-124C Globemaster II missing January 1, 1964

    Status: Date: Thursday 2 January 1964 Type: Douglas C-124C Globemaster II Operator: United States Air Force – USAF Registration: 52-0968 C/n / msn: 43877 First flight: Engines: 4 Pratt & Whitney R-4360-20WA Crew: Fatalities: 8 / Occupants: 8 Passengers: Fatalities: 1 / Occupants: 1 Total: Fatalities: 9 / Occupants: 9 Aircraft damage: Missing Aircraft fate: Presumed damaged beyond repair Location: 1200 km (750 mls) W off Hawaii (   Pacific Ocean) Phase: En route (ENR) Nature: Military Departure airport: Wake Island Airport (AWK/PAWK), U.S. Minor Outlying Islands Destination airport: Honolulu-Hickam AFB, HI (HIK), United States of America Narrative: Missing at over the Pacific Ocean while on a flight from Wake Island to Hawaii.…

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    Douglas C-54D-10-DC missing July 29, 1950 Juneau, Alaska

    Status: Date: Saturday 29 July 1950 Type: Douglas C-54D-10-DC (DC-4) Operator: United States Air Force – USAF Registration: 42-72700 C/n / msn: 10805 First flight: 1945 Crew: Fatalities: 5 / Occupants: 5 Passengers: Fatalities: 1 / Occupants: 1 Total: Fatalities: 6 / Occupants: 6 Aircraft damage: Damaged beyond repair Location: 156 km (97.5 mls) W of Juneau, AK (   United States of America) Phase: En route (ENR) Nature: Military Departure airport: Tacoma-McChord AFB, WA (TCM/KTCM), United States of America Destination airport: Anchorage-Elmendorf AFB, AK (EDF/PAED), United States of America Narrative: The C-54 transport plane was operating on a routine cargo flight when it impacted 1000 feet below the summit of 10,740-foot…

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    U.S. Navy C-47, BUNO 17254, in Chile on August 4, 1969

        Missing Aircraft Appeal is posted in an effort to focus renewed attention on important unresolved cases involving United States Military aircraft that have disappeared in the last century. According to the investigative report, the U.S. Navy aircraft was on a scheduled maintenance flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina and on board were 16 passengers comprised of U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force service members along with several spouses. Radio contact with the U.S. Navy aircraft was lost after the aircraft was approximately 27 miles south of the capital city of Santiago—-some 20 minutes after departure—- somewhere between Rancagua, Chile and Angostura, Chile according to the report findings. The flight…

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    C-124 Globemaster Missing November 22, 1952 FOUND 6/9/2012

    Colony Glacier: A Race Against Time Colony Glacier, AK – Operation Colony Glacier is underway, an annual mission conducted with joint forces to find and remove remnants and debris from a military plane crash 66 years ago. The plane and its occupants were thought to have vanished until 2012, when pieces were spotted from the window of a National Guard aircraft. The air is crisp and the ride is shaky, but the determination on Captain Victoria Martinez’s face, is unwavering. Captain Martinez is the first woman to be level 2 mountaineer certified – a challenge she took all to help reunite families with their loved ones lost over 60 years…

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     Douglas C-54 Skymaster missing January 26, 1950 “Operation Mike”

      Crew: 1Lt Kyle E. McMichael (Instructor Pilot/Mission Commander), 1Lt Mike Tisik (Pilot), Maj Gerald F. Brittain (Copilot), 1Lt Joseph W. Metzler (Navigator), SSgt Clarence A. Gibson (Radio Operator), MSgt Clyde A. Streitman (Flight Engineer), TSgt Harry W. McConegley (Flight Engineer), SSgt Raymond H. Snow (Flight Engineer)  Passengers: TSgt Jack P. Faris, SSgt Robert Ahearn, SSgt Burnis T. Lively, SSgt Raymond G. Mangold, SSgt John J. McDonald, SSgt Clinton D. Tompkins, Sgt Ray L. Asel, Sgt Donald W. Dagl, Sgt Noel B. Jones, Sgt Roy F. Jones, Sgt Junior Lee Moore, Sgt Harold R. Noell, Sgt Tommy E. Rhoads, Sgt Julian C. Thomas, Cpl Albie P. Baughman, Cpl Jeff D. Johnson, Cpl Henry S. Kerehner, Cpl Raymond H. Motheny, Cpl Bernard (NMI) Portrey, Cpl Richard L. Suggs, Cpl Thomas J. Young, Pfc John A. Chalopka, Pfc Charles W. Cook, Pfc Billie C.…

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    Lake Huron (Lockheed F-94C)

                              On the evening of March 16, 1957, Lockheed F-94C 50-1059 assigned to the 46th Fighter Interceptor Squadron disappeared without a trace.  The F-94C Starfire was piloted by twenty-seven year old 1st. Lt. Henry Charles Nicolay, and radar intercept officer 1st Lt. Harold A. Lewis. The crew of the Starfire was part of a four ship flight en route from Bunker Hill A.F.B., Indiana to Wurtsmith A.F.B. located in Losco County, Michigan. As the flight approached their destination 1st. Lt. Nicolay’s F-94C dropped out the formation and failed to respond to radio messages from the flight leader. Clouds…