Over the past 15 years, I have been doing research to find my grandfather and the other 51 soldiers that went missing in 1952. Their plane crashed into Mount Gannett in Alaska on November 22, 1952. They were not seen again until June of 2012 when a Blackhawk team doing a training mission spotted something on a glacier. It would later be identified as the missing C-124 Globemaster from 1952.
What I have learned during all of this research is that there is not a government agency that searches for our military personnel that has gone missing as a result of a non-mission loss or operational loss; one’s loss on US Soil and Overseas.
For this reason, I have started the nonprofit, HONORED BOUND INC, to look for these men and bring them home. Yes, there is an agency called JAPC/DPAA but they do not look for military personnel that didn’t die during a war loss. The name HONORED BOUND INC is indicative of what I believe the American Spirit is regarding those who serve us in the military. They all deserve to come home and we are HONORED BOUND INC to make sure they do.
I receive calls from other family members asking me for my help to find their missing soldier. I have several searches I am working on right now but to continue doing this I will need your help. The best tools I have to bring these forgotten soldiers home is through the Nonprofit, HONORED BOUND.
Please join me in showing those that have served to preserve our freedom, stood watch over us at great cost, and deserve to be honored with the respect they have earned and deserve. In addition, you will be giving a gift of closure to the family that sacrificed their loved one for our freedom.
Please feel free to research and confirm my work.
Thanks in advance,
Tonja Anderson-Dell