Gamble Chalk 1 and the Quest for “Boots on the Ground”

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August of 2021, I went to Alaska to look for the C-119 that went missing November 15, 1952 (20 servicemen) and could possibly be on Mount Iliamna. While I was there, I was also able to fly over the C-119 site that went missing on November 7, 1952 (19 servicemen). During that time there was a total of 3 planes went missing, November 7th, 15th, and 22nd. My grandfather went missing on the C-124 that went missing on Mt Gannett on November 22, 1952 (52 servicemen). All these crashes are considered Operational Loss/Non-mission Loss. Again, this means that currently there is no agency within our military or government that looks for these 91 Operational loss servicemen.

In 2016 Michael R. found (11/7/52) and it was positively ID by the military but as of today, there have not been boots on the ground. I have been advocating for the families and fighting with the military for boots on the ground.  I was able to meet with several important people at ALCOM and I hope that all walked away with the understanding that I will not take NO for an answer. These 19 servicemen’s lives are just as important as 19 MIA/POW servicemen’s lives.

Attached are some photos from my flyover. Even though it snowed you can still see some of the plane pieces. ~Until they ALL come home

A list of the Missing but not forgotten from Gamble Chalk 1 and say their names out loud:
Crew and Passengers:
Capt. Glen H. Wall, pilot
Lt. Frank Mates, co-pilot
2nd Lt. Enoch G. Crowe, navigator
Staff Sgt. Isham C. Pope, radio operator
Airman 1st Class Gene G. Wood, flight engineer
Capt. Walter Radmeister, passenger
1st Lt. Nobel E. Williams, passenger
2nd Lt. Thomas B. Keen Jr., passenger
Master Sgt. William H. Moore, passenger
Master Sgt. Fred B. McGee, passenger
Master Sgt. Donald L. Kanat, passenger
Cpl. William Newton, passenger
Cpl. Judith R. Statler, passenger
Cpl. Gail W. Daugherty, passenger
Pfc. Alphonese J. Grzelka, passenger
Pfc. Daniel W. Blasi, passenger
Pvt. Leo C. Block, passenger
Pvt. John W. Saimon, passenger
Pfc. Raymond L. Housler, passenger

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