Mr. Terry Mates story about his father missing aboard the missing C-119

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My father flew to Korea in a C119. He was flying in a war zone in Korea for 10 months, I believe. He survived the war and came home. A few months later he was flying a C119 in Alaska as a co-pilot (aka Gamble Chalk 1).

Long story short they crashed into Mount Silverthrone, peak 5, November 7th, 1952. All 19 veterans were killed. They found wreckage on November 10th, 1952. It was known where the crash was and where the 19 veterans were located. From that point on things really went downhill. The plane eventually slipped down the mountain and today (2019) the debris is some 5 1/2 miles out on a glacier, along with the remains of all 19 killed.

In the last 5 years, numerous people have tried to call attention to this, everyone cares but nothing gets done.

Two things I want to point out; One of the excuses I have been told is in the 1950's they did not have the proper helicopters to fly out, but there was Studebaker weasel (world war II snowmobile) that could have provided access. Next, the other excuse is that the weather is so bad in Delani National Park, they only have a three-week window per year to go to the crash site.

If the weather is so bad there, they should close the park. I do not understand how visitors can go there all summer but the wreckage can only be reached three weeks out of the year. Please understand, I live in Colorado, that is known for mountains and snow. I have been working in the mountains for years, a Colorado resident of 40 years.

If interested go to Gamble Chalk 1 ( and you may be interested in Rolling Box Car (, read the mission. I also put a post on US/West Retirees and Wannabees ( . That one will maybe save your life.

In closing, if everyone cared like they say they do, how do you leave the remains of 19 veterans in an ice glacier in a national park for all these years.